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Thinking about embroidery machine for sale then you need to set your mind that either you go for Top rated embroidery machine or Best seller embroidery machine. Now you must understand that there is difference between best seller and top rated embroidery machine for sale. A top rated embroidery machine might have less number of purchases but its users are very satisfied with the product and therefore users rated it well. On the other hand, best seller embroidery machine have high number of sales but users are not very satisfied and does not rated well.

You might have passion about embroidery and love to experiment out. You might be the professional looking for good machine. Or you can be a beginner and love to learn new things. There can be many reason and I m here to guide you through different machines so you can find Best embroidery machine. Read through the reviews and find best savings deals. While saving money, you can also EARN MONEY with embroidery machine.

Here are just a few things you should consider:

  • Think about number of stitches and type of stitches you require
  • Do you only need Best Embroidery Machine or you are looking for Embroidery Sewing Machine?
  • Consider the weight; do you need to move your machine or have permanent work place?
  • Do you like working on simple manual machine or a computerized machine?
  • Does the price of embroidery machine for sale is within your budget?
  • Presser feet are necessary for efficient working, how many do you need for work?
  • What type of fabrics do you use for your projects? Will the machine work on these fabrics?
  • What type of Needle Threading System is included?
  • Does the machine offer Easy Bobbin Winding, Quick set Bobbin and Automatic Thread Cutter?
  • Does the machine include built-in embroidery designs, font styles and frame patterns?
  • Will you be able to update the software of embroidery machine?
  • Computer connectivity is provided or not?
  • Consider sewing features like knee lifter, feed dog, buttonhole styles, speed controller, stitch width and stitch length.
  • What is the Maximum Embroidery Area and Maximum Embroidery Speed?
  • Before purchasing learn about all the accessories with the machine?
  • What type of warranty is being offered?

Comparison of Embroidery Machine for Sale

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Embroidery FeaturesEmbroidery FeaturesEmbroidery FeaturesEmbroidery FeaturesEmbroidery Features
Maximum Embroidery Area4" x 4"4" x 4"5" x 7" with included hoop4" x 4"
Maximum Embroidery Speed400400650400
Built-in Embroidery Designs707013670
Built-in Frame Designs10 Shapes x 12 Stitch Patterns10 Shapes x 12 Stitch Patterns10 Shapes x 12 Stitch Patterns10 Shapes x 12 Stitch Patterns
Trial Position/Layout Functionimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
Pattern Rotating1, 10, or 90 Degrees1, 10, or 90 Degrees1, 10, or 90 Degree1, 10, or 90 Degree
Basic FeaturesBasic FeaturesBasic FeaturesBasic FeaturesBasic Features
Warranty25 year limited warranty25 year limited warranty2/6/25 year premium warranty25 year limited warranty
Stitch SelectTouch PanelTouch PanelTouch PanelTouch Panel
On-Screen Helpimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
LCD Size2.7" x 1.4" 2.7" x 1.4" 2.7" x 1.4" 2.7" x 1.4"
On-Screen Editingimages (4)images (3)images (4)images (4)
Needle Threading SystemAdvancedAdvancedAutoAdvanced
Thread TensionManualManualAutoManual
Easy Bobbin Windingimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
Adjustable Bobbin Winding Speedimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
Automatic Thread Cutterimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
Quick-Set™ Bobbinimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
Foot Controllerimages (3)images (4)images (4)images (3)
Weight of the machine13.669 lbs18.1 lbs-13.669 lbs
Carrying CaseSoft Coverimages (4)Dust Coverimages (4)
Computer Connectivity with Update Capabilityimages (3)images (3)images (3)images (3)
Sewing FeaturesSewing FeaturesSewing FeaturesSewing FeaturesSewing Features
Maximum Sewing Speed710images (4)images (4)710
Knee LifterNoimages (4)images (4)images (4)
Feed Dog7images (4)images (4)7
Built-in Sewing Stitches 67images (4)images (4)67
Standard Presser Feet7images (4)images (4)7
Buttonhole Styles10 one-stepimages (4)images (4)10 one-step
Stitch Width7mmimages (4)images (4)7mm
Stitch Length5mmimages (4)images (4)5mm
Speed Controllerimages (3)images (4)images (4)images (3)


Easy way to Find Embroidery Machine

Three questions are developed to help you find embroidery machine that suits your demand and requirements. Think carefully about these questions and available options before answering.

What type of machine are you looking for?

  • Sewing/Quilting: Do you wish to have a machine with sewing and quilting features?
  • Embroidery: Do you need a machine having embroidery features only?
  • Combo sewing and embroidery: Do you like to have a combination of sewing and embroidery features?

What will you use your machine for?

  • Home decoration: Are you thinking about decorating your home with your machine?
  • Decorative embellishment: Will you decorate other accessories like hand bags and other stuff with your machine?
  • Mending and basic alterations: Do you use simple sewing features in addition to embroidery for mending and basic alteration?

How will you be using your machine? 

  • Home or hobby use: Looking to full fill your passion with your machine?
  • Advance User: Are you a professional and wish to complete your professional goals?

Below is the list of few famous Embroidery Machines for sale in the market. We have developed a review of these machines for you.

  • Brother LB6800PRW Review: Provided into limited quantity. It is only Project Runway machine with embroidery features. Use the built in design or used computer connectivity features to transfer design from PC to machine. Work efficiently on projects with 67 built-in sewing stitches and 98 stitch functions, in addition to 70 built-in embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 embroidery lettering fonts. Read the complete Brother LB6800PRW Review  & click here for Price & Discount
  • Brother PE500 Review: It is machine designed with many features and work efficient. Many of the expensive features have been added to PE500 embroidery machine. The machine is specifically designed for embroidery to recycle your clothes and create fashionable embellishments. The computer connectivity provides you unlimited designs and resources. Read the complete Brother PE500 Review & click here for Price & Discount
  • Brother PE770 Review: Take advantage from rich embroidery features of Brother PE770. The large embroidery area of 5” x 7” is enough to create master piece. You can select designs from built in design collections. You can also import your own design via USB port and save the design in built-in memory for future use. Read Complete Brother PE770 Review & click here for Price & Discount
  • Brother SE400 Review: This is a budget friendly machine that provides bothe sewing and embroidery features for its users. This machine is for beginners and 4” x 4” embroidery area with built-in design to give you a good start. You can easily access the built-in tutorial and quick start guide. Read the complete Brother SE400 Review & click here for Price & Discount

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